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Friday, August 23, 2013

Sushi Mura - has potential!

There has been an "Opening Soon" sign at 49th and Oak for about six months now, and a few weeks ago, they finally opened! It was a sushi place called Sushi Mura.  IMG_3889 They have taken care to make themselves look a bit better than the usual Chinese-run Japanese places that have homemade menus riddled with typos. IMG_3900 First things first, I really wanted to try out their Tako Sunomono, since it is one of my favourite Japanese dishes. I was delighted by this version. Lots of fresh slightly crunchy tako pieces, sliced not too thick and not too thin. I hate the super thick slices at some other sushi places. And the vinegar dressing was just right, with a good blend of sweet and sour tang. I really liked the abundance of vermicelli as well. The shredded carrots and red cabbage gave the dish a great blend of textures. IMG_3897 For our other appetizers, we tried their Ebi Gyoza, which was a whole prawn mixed with ground pork. The wrapper was on the thin side, which is what I prefer, but they sure could have used a bit more colour. The filling was plentiful and this was a great appetizer.IMG_3899 We also got an order of regular Gyoza to try. And as you can see, these have a bit more colour than the Ebi Gyoza. However, they were just a touch on the greasy side. The part where the two skins met was a bot too thick, something that I didn't notice with the Ebi one. The dipping sauce was probably from a bottle, but add a bit of the 7-spice powder and you've got a winner. IMG_3892 For a heavier dish, our first choice was the Chicken Teriyaki. The dish came piping hot, with a side of white rice. There was plenty of chicken, and lots of stir-fried veggies, ranging from carrots, sprouts and cabbage. There could have been a bit more sauce, but otherwise the dish was a success. IMG_3898 Yum! Crispy and flaky battered Prawn Tempura. The batter was quite light and the dish wasn't greasy at all. The prawns were a touch small, but had a sweet taste. IMG_3906 We also got their Deluxe Sashimi, and I thought this was wonderful. The presentation was pretty, there were lots of daikon and other garnishes. The cuts were clean and  the pieces were fairly uniform in size. I really enjoyed this dish and loved the variety of seafood on the plate. IMG_3910 We also tried their Awesome Roll, which seems more like a California Roll with some salmon and masago on top. There is also some sauce and tempura bits too. This was okay, nothing special and I doubt I would order it again. 

Take note:

  • Service was okay for us but many complaints online by others.
  • Food comes out randomly, cooked items arrived before sashimi.
  • They weren't licensed when I visited in July.

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