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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Denny's - an oldie but still a goodie

So last week, we headed out to Denny's for a quick brunch. Now, if you're like me, most of your experiences with Denny's are of the late night variety, usually after bouts of consuming spirits, shots and very little else. I think one of the reasons they were popular was their proximity to establishments serving aforementioned beverages as well as their hours of operation (24 hours/day). I honestly don't remember if the food was good, I don't actually remember much of those late night visits.
Everyone has heard of the Grand Slam, but you can now customize your own. There are even semi-healthy options to choose from. You can choose four items from a fairly large list of your usual breakfast fare. Biscuits, pancakes (wheat option available), English muffin, grits, hash browns, toast and even oatmeal form the carbs section. Bacon, sausage and turkey bacon are your protein choices. Eggs are available, as are egg whites only. IMG_4065 What you have above are Two Poached Eggs, some Hash Browns and Two orders of Turkey Bacon. Hey, you get to order four things, no one said it had to be four different things, right? The hash browns had a bit of colour but could have used a touch more crispy bits. Also, we found the bacon to be just a bit under, and asked that they make it a touch crispier. See the result below. IMG_4068 It came back crispier, but I can't tell if they pan-fried them more, or just deep-fried them. Thoughts? IMG_4069 And this is the same idea, with Two Wheat Pancakes, Two Sunny Sideup Eggs, Sausages and regular Bacon. Yes, a piece of turkey bacon also made it onto the plate. Look at the difference is size! The wheat pancakes were good, just a bit grainier than your regular buttermilk pancakes, and actually felt heartier and more rustic. I liked them. The eggs were, well, eggs, no crispy edges on the whites but I think I'm expecting too much. The sausage was actually quite lean, but I still had to blot off some of the oil. IMG_4061 This is a Softball Pancake Breakfast. It's pretty simple but enough for smaller appetites. You get One Pancake, One Sausage and One Slice of Bacon. Why Softball you ask? The raspberry syrup is supposed to be the red thread on a softball! Add some fruit to make it a well-rounded meal. It's pretty standard fare and maybe just a touch better than a McHappy Meal.  
Take Note: 
Celebrate your birthday at Denny's with a FREE Grand Slam®. Bring a valid ID for proof. 
Kids Eat FREE 4-10 pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Subject to change, call to confirm.
The main dishes are quite cheap but it's the sides that get you. 

As part of Denny's launch of their mobile app MyDenny's, their marketing department sent me a gift card to go and check them out. The new app allows you to earn perk points for dining at Denny's. every dollar you spend. Redeem your points for food and beverages on future visits, or you can share the joy by gifting points to family and friends. Hey, if you're going to hit up Denny's for late night eats anyways, why not get the app and start earning some points?!

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