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Monday, July 16, 2012

Tudor House dinner in Miami

Earlier this month, after our Eastern Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Liberty, we spent a few days in Miami, South Beach, to be exact. We stayed at the Dream Hotel, which is also home to the Tudor House, a restaurant presided over by Chef Geoffrey Zakarian.
Cocktails 3
We started off with a few cocktails and their Pretzel Bread balls. I loved the salt on these...Salty Balls, yum! West Coast Oysters 4 And since we were craving oysters, we decided to go with a dozen. And what do you know, they were from the West coast, guess they followed us to Miami! The sauces weren't too memorable but the oysters were quite fresh. I like these small ones much better than the giant ones. 
 French Onion Dip
We also tried their homemade French Onion Dip. This was the only negative for me, I found the dip way to sweet for an appetizer. However, I did enjoy the fresh potato chips. Maybe just get the chips and skip the dip?  Chicken Liver Pate 2 This Chicken Liver Pate was really, really rich. I found it almost too much, but the grilled bread was great as an accompaniment. Also helping cut the richness were the pickled purple and white cauliflower. Definitely too much for one person, and probably too much for two people, even as an appetizer! Oh, and the salt is a great touch, just sprinkle onto the bread, load it up with the pate, and off you go!  torchio  2 For our main, we got the torchio, which is a torch shaped pasta, and excellent for a robust sauce. The pasta is made in house, and the sauce was house-made pork sausage with fresh English peas! I"d never seen this type of pasta before, and it was super fun, sort of like a twisty penne. Whenever there is a pasta as a daily special, I feel it's best to go with that. Always fresh, and I've rarely been disappointed.  Crispy Brussels Sprouts  Prosciutto, Shaved Apple 2 Since we were sharing a main, we decided to try one of their sides to go with it. Since we didn't have any real veggies, we got their Cheesy Fried Brussel Sprouts, topped with Crispy Prosciutto. After our main arrived, we realized that we had totally over-ordered and tried to put a stop to this from coming out. But alas, it as ready and on its way. Our waiter was amazing though, and offered to take it off the bill. Seeing as this was our fault, we really appreciated the gesture. We are so glad that we tried this though, it's similar to the ones at Glowbal Group's Italian Kitchen, but much better, with the addition of the prosciutto and thin slivers of fresh apple. We couldn't eat much of it, afterall, we were really full, but the did manage to sneak some of the cheesiest morsels in! Pear Gellee / Chocolate Almonds / Raspberry Mouse Trio And no, we didn't have room for any dessert, but again, the stellar server decided to bring us a little something - just a taste or two of their desserts. On the left is a pear gelee, in the middle was a nice and tart raspberry mousse, and rounding out the dessert plate was a chocolate covered almond cluster. This was a perfect end for the amazing meal, and the service was outstanding. Highly recommend this place if you are visiting Miami's South Beach. 
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  1. tvlife2:58 PM

    Great food here & if you check into 4square for the 1st time at Tudor House, you also get a free signature cocktail to enjoy!



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