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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pura Agave™ Syrups

I had a chance to sample Pura Agave™ Syrups, developed by Chef Themis Velgis with Bryan Kim and SFU undergraduate student Shahab Samimi. If Chef Themis sounds familiar, he opened Chocoatl back in 2004. 
“Pura was developed to provide a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners,” says Chef Velgis, president and co-founder of Pura Foods. Pura Raw Agave is made with 100% natural ingredients, providing a delicious range of 15 certified organic flavoured agave syrups.
Used for thousands of years in Mexico and prized by the Aztecs, agave syrup is 25% sweeter than sugar allowing consumers to use less and consequently reduce the amount of calories and carbohydrates consumed. Pura flavoured agave syrups contain the lowest glycemic index of Blue Agave, 17, a feat achieved by the unique processing style of the syrup.

All of Pura Raw Agave Syrups are raw, meaning the syrup has not been heated above 46 degree Celsius, maintaining its enzymes and natural properties that may otherwise be affected by high temperatures. Its light viscosity allows the last drip to drop as easily as the first, dissolving quickly in hot and cold beverages. 
Ever had a refreshing vanilla latte or caramel macchiato made with organic beans? However, did you realize that every other component of your drink is non-organic and artificial? 
Matching the price of sugar based syrups; "Pura allows restaurants and coffee shops in the city of Vancouver to offer up organic and healthy products that cater to the lifestyle of Vancouverites," affirms Blenz Yaletown franchise manager Mathew. 
Here is my little bonus from this afternoon - a Blenz Iced Hibiscus Burst made with the Pura Agave, as well as a blueberry muffin, also made with Pura Agave. There are two vials as well of different Agaven syrup, one is Peppermint and the other is Mango.
Drop by a Blenz near you to try out these new flavours, and then share your favourite one at I think my favourite was the mango - perfect with a bit of water and a splash of vodka, served over ice. 

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