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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Dream Hotel

We completed an Eastern Caribbean cruise at the end of June. Before heading back to Vancouver, we stayed a few nights at the Dream Hotel in Miami. Here are some pictures of the really cool decor. The art deco vibe is strong here, and it's hard not to feel cool in a place like this. 
From the moment we walked in, we knew this place was way cooler than us.  
How cool is this door? It's the little touches that get you here. Who decorates the back of a door! Oh, and no boring "do not disturb" sign here. I forgot to grab a picture, but ABC has one and I'm snagging it.
Depending on whether or not you want to be bothered, either give them the thumbs up or the "no thanks". I should have taken the one we were given. Dream Hotel staff, if you are reading this, can you please send me one? K, thanks, bye! 

I have to say this is probably my first (and likely only) commode shot. I guess what impressed the most was the diamond origami on the TP. That and the textured walls. 
bed 2
A view of the bed - very cool blue light illuminates the room. And if you don't like the blue, check out the chandelier. The detail on the headboard is pretty sweet and the long pillow look like they would be great for fighting with, just saying. 
This is the light panel that lights up the room. One is for the blue light, then one for the chandelier. I think the sun and moon are supposed to be adjustments for whether it is light or dark outside. But the one to the left of the moon? Never figured it out. And yes, OFF is pretty self-explanatory. 
The  funky lighting panel extends to the bathroom, and godness if we knew what any of it meant. Just hit them all and hope for the best. One interesting thing about this hotel is that the toilet and the shower are not in the same room, rather, they face each other. 

Here is an image from the hotel's website to explain what I mean, shower on the left, and the toilet and sink on the right.
in the room
Well at least there's Goose...but what I really want is that jar of Gummy Bears. But wait, what is that bullet looking thing on the right, next to the MoJo?
Well it's none other than Filthy! It's a brand of olives, and these ones are stuffed with tiny pickles. Add some of the juice to the Goose from above, and you've got yourself a decent martini!
view from roof top 2
But alas, my favourite view was from the Roof Top Patio at the Hotel. Gorgeous serene views of the beach with the nice blue water in the back. See the cruise ship off in the distance...that was us a week ago! 

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