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Friday, January 13, 2012

No 9 - one of my guilty pleasures

No.9 Restaurant 九記 on Urbanspoon
Is there one thing that you think you can eat for the rest of your life and you'd never get bored? Well, this post is that for me. I rarely venture into Richmond, but on a cool wintry day, I did! I went to Lansdowne Mall to revisit #9 Restaurant. I used to go lots before because they are open 24 hours a day. And after those random late night karaoke sessions, some Chinese comfort food was just what the doctor ordered.
I love BBQ Duck. I love rice noodles. I love rice noodles in soup. But I don't like my BBQ Duck in soup. So when I order my BBQ Duck Rice Noodles in Soup, I always ask for the BBQ Duck to be served on the side. So when my food comes, the rice noodles come in a bowl of hot broth, topped with seasonal veggies. Yes, they force you to eat veggies here. It's a healthy serving, but I polish it off everytime. 
On this afternoon, instead of just getting BBQ Duck, I got my noodles with a combo of BBQ Duck as well as Roast Pork. And just so you know...Roast Pork ≠ BBQ Pork! Roast Pork is a pork belly roasted with the skin ON until you get crackling. BBQ Pork, aka Cha Siu, is a pork tenderloin barbecued until it's juicy. 
Here is my complete lunch...noodles with a plate of two meats on the side. The skin on the duck is shiny, crispy and sinfully rich. The crackling on the roast pork is totally bad for you, but honestly, I believe in moderation. Don't eat this every week, and you'll enjoy it for what it is. Be sure to ask for the plum sauce to dunk the duck on, and some hoisin sauce to dip the roasted pork skin in. And once you try this, you'll realize why the meats and noodles have to be separated...who wants soggy crackling, right? 


  1. Stumbled upon your post via twitter. The barbeque duck is making our mouth water! YUM YUM!!! Also wanted to say that we love your blog! - xoxo

  2. Aww...thanks for the feedback!

  3. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Grace, I am very [pleasantly] surprised you like this place. Prices are a bit high compared to neighboring chinese places, but it's mainly due to the fact #9 is open 24/7 which is how many places should be. I don like how [most] western restaurants claim to serve food until late but their kitchen really starts shutting down early and start making lots of short-cuts. This leads to not so good preparation and quality. This is a fact ;)



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