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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Combo Platter at Pink!

I've been to Pink Elephant Thai several time before, but this was the first time we went when we weren't in the mood for Pad Thai. So instead , we tried out their newly launched Alberni Platter, where you can mix and match appetizers: 3 for $22 or 4 for $28. We weren't hungry, but we were curious, so here are the 4 appies that we tried.
One of my favourites at Pink is their Floating Market. It's a plate of deep-fried spinach topped with Tiger Prawns. The sauce on the side is a spicy apple sauce, and it's good. I'd ask for extra spicy if you like heat. And it's got spinach in it, so Popeye would be proud. 
The next appy we ordered is their Peeg Gai Yaad Sai (Boneless stuffed chicken wings). I love how they debone the chicken wing, yet the veggie and glass noodles are stuffed inside, yet retain the shape of a chicken wing. These babies are deep fried and served with a sweet and sour sauce as well as a cucumber & onion mixture. Yes, you can double dip!
We also tried their Ostrich Satay, which I have had before. I found these just a bit dry, but the peanut sauce helped. Ostrich is quite lean, so that might have contributed to the dryness factor. To avoid, get the chicken satays instead.
For those of you that visited Charm in Yaletown, you'll be pleased to know that their yummy Fish Cakes are served here as well. These little patties of fish are juicy and have the bounciness that great fish cakes should have. They also have Shrimp Cakes too...that's next on my "to-eat" list! 

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