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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Afternoon at Joey's in Burnaby

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I have to admit - I love playing with my food, or just getting food into my mouth via my hands, instead of pesky utensils such as chopsticks and cutlery. This time, I managed to circumvent utensils by going for finger foods. I tried the Lettuce Wrap from Joey's and was pleasantly surprised. It was way more filling than I expected, and the flavours were indeed Asian-inspired. It's definitely worth a try if you're in the mood for something light, but if you're looking fill up...get their burger. See my post about it here
The sauce is a mix of what seems like teriyaki sauce blended with Hoisin sauce (more commonly known as Chinese BBQ sauce). It's slightly overly sweet if you eat the filling on it's own, but after placing into the  crunchy lettuce wrap, the filling does mellow out. 
The other appetizer we tried was their fish tacos...another "eat with your hands" type of dish. The Baja Fish Tacos, though they are in the soft tortillas versus the crunchy corn tortillas I had expected. Inside are breaded and deep-fried fish and shrimp with some guacamole and chopped tomatoes. A bit of heat is provided by hot sauce, but we asked for it on the side. It's not crazy hot, so if you're looking for spicy, load it up with some tobasco instead. 
Once taken out of their signature "taco holders", you can see how much filling is really in there. The chopped lettuce and tomato give the taco much needed freshness to counterbalance the deep fried batter of the fish and shrimp. 
All in all, both are good sharing appies and great for an afternoon on the patio with a few martinis or glasses of white. 

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