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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Paseo - Cuban Sammies

On a recent trip to Seattle, we stopped off at Paseo as recommended by some of my fellow tweeters (Coby and Dilara). Once we arrived, we knew that this would be a good choice, people were lined up in the rain! Tiny on the inside with seating for about 20.
The outside isn't much to look at, but who cares, we're here for the food! We were told that their Cuban sandwiches are to die for, but once we got there, B got enamoured by the other entrees...
He wanted something more than "just a sandwich" so we ended up with their Half Chicken Dinner (yes, I know it's lunch time). I heartily agreed once I saw other people eating this. It's a half chicken, served with  a yummy romaine lettuce salad, lots of purple cabbage, some pickled beets, a cup of black beans and a cob of corn.
The two scoops of rice on the other side of the plate are so cute - and the chicken is so perfectly grilled and then baked. I love the old school Chinese-looking plates that this is served on. So unexpected! The chicken is so juicy, and the beans are amazing.
And....the reason we come to this place to begin with - a Cuban sandwich. Never having eaten one before, we  tried the biggest sandwich on the menu. The Midnight Cuban Press - it' a roast pork sandwich loaded with banana peppers, smoked ham and swiss cheese. And then they grill it for you in a hot press. Oh my goodness, this would cure any hangover...two bites and you're a new (wo)man.
Eat this while it's hot - we only finished half at the restaurant and finished the last half later in the day, and honestly, fresh is best! The crust of the bread is nice and crispy, with a soft middle and loaded with meat. Oh, I can't wait to go back! One note: cash hit up an ATM first! 

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