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Sunday, April 17, 2011


One day last month, I was craving sushi. The choices in my neck of the woods are limited so I'm always on the hunt for new offerings. B told me about Asakusa, and we decided to head there after making a quick call to ensure they had what I was craving...Tako Sunomono and Ikura.
Served in a "soup" cup, the vinegary broth smothers a generous portion of vermicelli, cooked nice and soft, but not overly so. Five generous slices of tako adorn this salad, as well as cucumber strips. A light dusting of black and white sesame complete the dish. This was exactly what I was craving!
Not wanting to over order as is our custom, we went for something simple. A Sushi Combination with Tuna, Ebi and Salmon, two pieces of nigiri each. We also added a Spicy Tuna Roll, as well as a Chopped Scallop, and my beloved Ikura.
Another thing we saw that they had on the menu was the Amaebi, the last time I had these were at Guu, and we asked them to deep fry the heads. Unfortunately, these shrimps were frozen, and headless. The actual sashimi was good, but I was disappointed with the lack of fried heads? Am I morbid? 
The Spicy Tuna Roll is essentially a tuna maki, done inside out with the rice on the outside instead of the nori on the outside, topped with some spicy sauce. It's not quite what we expected but still good.  
The sushi here is pretty generous...see how big the tuna is compared to the tiny amaebi tail? I really like how the rice is completely smothered by the tuna. This place is good value for the dollar, and the service is friendly. They offer takeout discounts too, if you order ahead of time.
When you're in the Burnaby area, I'd recommend this place over Sushi Garden, which is frequently overloaded with people, leading to long wait times and rather hurried service. 

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