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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Incendio for the first time...

After attending the Fall Flavours event hosted by Vanfoodster at Bella Gelateria, B and I decided to hit up Gastown for some dinner. Yes, we had dessert first, and now, we need sustenance! Although Incendio has been around for years here , neither of us have ever tried it. They have a Burrard location as well, but again, have never been. 
With only an hour to go before they closed, we expected rather quick service. But we were surprised at the warmth of the waitress. She brought us some bread to start, along with some oil and vinegar.  
The foccacia was baked nicely, and garnished with herbs, such as rosemary, thyme and basil. The oil and vinegar dish was nice and deep, but unfortunately, the vinegar sinks to the bottom. Try as I did, I couldn't get to the vinegar! Until B came up with a brilliant idea...pour off some of the oil and finally..vinegar acquired!
It's been ages since I've had pizza, so I got to choose what I want, as long as it wasn't some vegetarian option. Well, no fear here, I got their Carnivore (pepperoni, ham, chorizo sausage and prosciutto). They had B with chorizo, and they got me with prosciutto. I was delighted with the pizza. The prosciutto was crispy, the chorizo was spicy, the ham added some sweetness, and you can't have a pizza without pepperoni! 
Although I haven't tried it, according to a good friend, their meatballs are to die for too. I guess now I know what I'll be back for those.
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