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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dinner at Honolulu

Decided to go somewhere close for dinner with B and T. We were torn between Congee Noodle King and Honolulu. I wanted to try something new, so we headed to Honolulu instead. One of the most confusing things about HK-style cafes is their plethora of menus. We sat down and received one small menu with fairly limited selections.
I found something to order, but was really craving chow mein. It wasn't on the menu, so I decided to ask the waitress if they had it. She said yes, but it was on another menu...the one that we were offered was only valid until 6. It was 5:55. Instead of giving us the choice of the regular menu plus the special, they just assumed we were there for the special. How silly.
Upon request, we received their full menu, and since it was post six-o'clock by now, we also received their post-six-o'clock menu. Are you kidding me?
On their pre-six-o'clock menu, we ordered their spaghetti with chicken in cream sauce. Well, it was exactly that...there was spaghetti, cream sauce, chicken and mushroom, and shockingly, asparagus.
Unfortunately, that's all it was. I don't think they actually season their food here. The cream sauce was bland, and almost glue-like. The meat that was baked into the spaghetti wasn't marinated. Normally, baking a dish intensifies the flavour, but when it's absent, there's nothing to intensify, is there?
I did end up with my Chicken Chow Mein. I asked for it to be fried extra crispy, and the waitress did repeat my request, but I guess she didn't tell it to the chef. As you can week, there isn't any of the crispy pieces that you would expect. The bean sprouts were a nice touch, as I am sort of a bean sprout fiend. The green onions were welcomed as well.
I turned the dish around so that you could see what crispy chunks there were...see lower left corner. But it was nevertheless quite disappointing, since I wanted the whole dish to be like that.
I guess communicating the desire for crispy fried noodles is a fine art? How do you order it so that you get it the way you want? Honolulu Cafe (Kingsway) on Urbanspoon

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  1. Oh gosh... honolulu :( it's gone downhill since they renovated. My brother ordered a beef curry and it was a dark orange pile of goop and it was so bad that my brother (who usually eats everything) didn't finish it. My Portuguese chicken, well let's just leave it at it was florescent yellow.



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