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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Noodles at Bubble Waffle Kerrisdale

Bubble waffle Another Chinese Bites dinner! I had just finished my review of our last one at Boiling Point, and here we are off again! No complaints though, I wanted to give this new Kerrisdale location of Bubble Waffle Cafe a try. Bubble waffle First to come to the table was the namesake of the restaurant, Bubble Waffles! We tried quite a few different flavours, including Matcha, Oreo, Chocolate, Cheesecake and of course, original, which was my favourite. The edges were crispy and the insides were appropriately chewy. Yup, this hit the spot.
Bubble waffle
This is their Fish Sui Mai, and it looks like they were cooked on a skewer. I wished they have served it that way. The texture was really soft, almost mushy, but there was a strong fish flavour to each one. I could have had a bit of chili sauce here too. Bubble waffle Anyone who's been to Chinese Night Market should know this, Takoyaki. I am not usually a fan of this, but for some reason, I enjoyed these here, and the bits of octopus were plentiful. I can't get enough of katsuobushi either! Perhaps it was because I didn't have to eat it standing up? Or because it wasn't drenched in mayo? In any case, this was pleasant and I'd order it again. Bubble waffle More seafood in the form of balls, Deep Fried Shrimp Balls. I enjoyed these...balls and a stick...hmm. The outer coating had a good bite to it, and the inside was piping hot, juicy and although it had good shrimp flavour, it was rather one note. One tip, to eat balls on a stick, use two sticks to anchor the ball; trust me on this one.
Not much explanation needed here...where there are balls, there must be Sausages, right? Not much to say about these...a bit on the sweet side, sort of honey ham like flavour but with the texture of dry Bavarian sausage. 
These are the Taiwanese Popcorn Bites, essentially chicken nuggets. I liked these, they weren't too oily and had a good crunch. It's not something I would not order myself, but I'd definitely steal one or two if someone else orders them!
Laksa We all got to choose our soups, some of opted for spicy, which they have various versions of, from Thai, Laksa, and even Sichuan! The one above by Sherman includes tripe, quail eggs and fish balls. Traditional MissVancouverPiggy ordered the traditional House Soup, a fish based soup make with halibut heads. We all tried the soups prior to placing our order and this was one of my favourites. It had a mild fish flavour and a creamy texture. Century Egg
I ordered the Preserved Egg and Cilantro soup with fish, beef, fish ball and fresh bean curd. My only regret is that I didn't get some quail eggs too! This was loaded with chunks of the egg, and the flavour of cilantro permeated the soup, it was delicious! Century Egg 2 NomNomYVR ordered the same soup and loaded it with different toppings. The enoki looked too as does the fried fish cake.

If you enjoy customizing your own food, then this place is perfect for you. On a cold and rainy Vancouver day, this place would be one of my top three spots for dinner.

Incidentally, this place serves bubble teas as well. It's done in the Pantyhose Style, with a sheer filter, made to order, and the pulling action is to incorporate air and body into the teas. The tea they use is actually a blend of five different types of Sri Lankan teas. Try it next time you're there and see if you can tell the difference from other tea houses!
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