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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rangoli...lots of Lamb!

Last month, my sister and I decided to visit Rangoli (deciding for forego a possible wait at Vij's). And to be honest, we couldn't have been happier. We went for lunch and a few dishes to share. First item to arrive was the Lamb, Beef and Lentil Kebabs. The meatiness was plentiful, and the spices were well-balanced. There was heat, but not blow-your-head-off heat. Subtle but definitely packs a punch. 
For me, I am not satisfied with Indian food unless there is naan involved.So our next dish was the Tamarind and Yogurt Marinated Grilled Chicken served with rice and naan. Despite the appearance in the picture, the chicken was surprisingly moist. I think the marinate really did its job, overcoming the high heat used to cook the chicken. The basmati rice was light and fluffy, perfect to soak up some of the curry sauce. And the naan, I could have had three servings of this. It's not heavy, and has a nice chewiness to it.   
The last dish we tried was the Lamb in Cumin and Light Cream Curry. The curry was delicate and sweet, but with a punch of heat that hits your as an afterthought. The veggies are tender with a slight bite. The rice and naan are perfect to soak up the curry sauce. I could do without the salad, but I say that about all my meals. 
Service was fun, casual and very jovial. It's a perfect place to spend an afternoon catching up with friends. Oh, and be sure to give the Mango Lassi a try! 

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