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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Cattle Cafe

It was late and I wasn't really hungry, but I did have a craving for something sweet. I was sick and tired of the old tried and true, Earls, Keg, and Cactus Club. Deciding to go for something Asian...Cattle Cafe was calling me...
Curry Fish Balls - Cattle Cafe Curry Fish Balls, a night market staple, and now, available in Burnaby...way too close to my place. I don't really like the presentation, I prefer them in a bowl so as to keep them warmer. The balls had a good bounce, but the curry sauce could have been spicier...I expected an even dozen, but as you can see, we only got 11...weird, right?
Mango Shake with Grass Jelly - Cattle Cafe Now this isn't something I would normally order, but the Mango Shake with Grass Jelly was actually really refreshing after the fish balls. Creamy, cold, sweet with a few chunks of jelly. It's so creamy and I have to say, it's a decadent treat...just once in a while...Fish Noodles - Cattle Cafe This was a new treat for me...Sliced Beef Satay Hand Squeezed Fish Noodles. Even though it's noodles made of fish, it's actually not fishy at all! The texture is a bit chewy, almost al dente. The satay soup was spicy, but not hot, flavourful and really right. The beef soaked up the soup and made the meat super tender.
Turnip Cake  - Cattle Cafe One of the things I like about Cattle Cafe is the fact that you can add little snacks to their soup noodles to round out your meal. This was my add-on for the night...Pan-Fried Turnip Cake. With just a bit of onions and some spices, these cubes were crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. Flavours were a bit mild, but good enough as a snack...
Bubble Waffle - Cattle Cafe Ok, so remember at the beginning of the post, when I said I had a craving for something sweet? So...everything I ate up until this golden Bubble Waffle showed up was just gravy. This was the whole point for the entire visit. And yes, it was worth it. Just a little crispy, soft and chewy on the inside...I really should just get this to go next time and avoid all the noodles and snacks! Nah, who am I kidding, the dessert is totally worth the wait!
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