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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Zipang Sushi on Main

Back in October, I went to WE Day with Sherman and we decided to finish off the day with a bit of sushi. It's hard for two foodbloggers to go to a place neither of us has been, so thankfully, he was willing to do a "revisit" to a place that I hadn't visited before. This is what led us to Zipang Sushi. All photos are courtesy of Sherman. "Thanks!" Assorted Sashimi Given that this was midday (and they were about to close after lunch), and he had already had lunch, we wanted to order light (and quickly). We started with their Assorted Sashimi. The salmon was amazing, and I really enjoyed the tako. The slices were cleanly cut and care was taken with the presentation.  East Meets West and SSS We wanted to try their rolls too, so we gave two of them a try. On either side is their Triple S roll, made up of Salmon, Scallop and Shrimp. I enjoyed the rice to filling ratio on this and could taste the sweetness of the scallop and shrimp quite clearly. The other was the East Meets West, filled with unagi, avocado and topped with prosciutto. As with most fusion cuisine where they pair Western flavours or ingredients with Asian flavours, the result could be a hit or a miss. The prosciutto seemed a bit dry and out of place with the roll. However, this would be an excellent choice for those who are squeamish when it comes to raw fish. 
Salmon Kama
I love Salmon Kama and when I saw that they had it, we had to order it, and boy, I'm sure glad I did. The skin had a good crispy char to it, and the fleshy collar was juicy and flaky. They served it with some grated daikon. Add some soy sauce to it and make a paste to dip the salmon into. The sweetness of the fish and the saltiness of the soy is a great umami sensation.Assorted Tempura Although I wouldn't normally order Assorted Tempura, Sherman wanted to to give us another hot entrée to try. The prawns were really sweet and I loved the light coating. I normally have to peel apart some of the coating, but it was unnecessary here. The veggies were a bit heavy, more because of the thick portions they were cut into, rather than a heavy batter. Overall, this was a good place for a nice light lunch and I'd definitely come back if I was in the area again.

Take Note:

  • Closed on Mondays, and closes between 3-5pm.
  • Lots of options for non-raw fish lovers
  • Give the Okonomi a try, mini-pizzas. or the Takoyaki!

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