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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Mosaic Tasting

After an amaing Spot Prawn Tasting Menu back in Spring, I've been looking forward to revisiting Mosaic and try their new Fall menu. I went last week with Sherman and we got to try "almost" everything on the new menu. 
IMG_4458 First up is the Apple and Roasted Chestnut Bisque. It is served tableside, but before they pour the bisque, you can see all the delicate fall treats inside, including apples, mushrooms and pumpkin. The presentation is pretty, vibrant and rustic. 
IMG_4463 The finished product has a pretty yin and yang effect. The creme fraiche has a spiciness to it, and blends well with the rich and creamy bisque. This dish is a rich, soothing and full of fall comfort. 
IMG_4469 Then we were served a Duo of Salads. First was a Beet Salad. On the right side of the plate is some pumpernickel soil, more beets, crumbled goat cheese. Dead centre in the plate is a bed of beet vinaigrette and a light and fluffy beet foam. The flavours were quite delicate, with the goat cheese being the strongest. The soil is slightly sweet and enhances the beets flavour and texture. On a side note, the beet foam totally looked like a mooncake to me. 
IMG_4472 The Fall Salad was the other one we sampled, and it had baby carrots, more beets, a few turnips and endive as well. The puree is made with butternut squash and is suprisingly light. There is also a bit of zingy tangerine dressing and a chive flavoured gel.
IMG_4482 For those who want their veggies deep fried, Chef Heinrich has you covered with the Crispy Brussels Sprouts, topped with a crunchy pork belly, a scotched egg, and edible flowers. Whenever pork belly and deep fried goodness get together, the result is usually amazing, and that was certainly true in this case as well. The egg was a little odd, as it lacked the meat layer. The quincy jelly was really flavourful, fruity and served to evoked feelings of autumn. 
IMG_4487 Our next dish was Alaskan King Crab. This was served with pickled shimeji, a smear of leek puree and some crispy, fried leeks. The butter poached king crab was very sweet and was a great contrast to the pickled mushrooms. I really enjoyed the crispy leeks too. These mushrooms are just too precious.
IMG_4491 Next up were two fish dishes, the first being the Ling Cod. The Lobster Pomme Puree was buttery but light. The fish was perfectly cooked, flaking easily with a fork but with a nice crusty sear on the outside. The sweet beets and beet jus completed the dish nicely, in taste and visually as well. 
IMG_4495 . Our Skoona Bay Salmon was nestled perfectly atop a bed of truffle mushroom risotto and swiss chards. There was some mushroom puree and shaved truffles too. A hearty dish with an earthy aroma that hits you as the plate descends onto the table. 
A dish that would satisfy any vegan is the Cauliflower Cake. In addition to cauliflower, there are assorted root veggies, (yes, the baby corn again) as well as come corn. To give the dish some sweetness, there was also dates, drunken dates which were super sweet! 
IMG_4502 And if you are not a vegan, you'll appreciate this dish of Sous Vide Lamb, with a walnut crust. We found the crust to be a bit crumbly to eat, but the texture of the lamb was super tender. Some pumpkin, buttternut squash and broccolini rabe finished off the dish. The sauce is a simple lamb jus. 
IMG_4505 Two dessert options were presented, and I really liked the Salted Chocolate Pear & White Chocolate Mousse. It was light in texture but had a good depth of pear flavour. It's topped by a bit of port wine gellee.
Our final place was the Pumpkin Creme Brulee, and although, I was stuffed, I couldn't resist trying a bit of the biscotti. And once I had the biscotti in my hand, I couldn't resist dipping it into the brulee. It wasn't as sweet as I expected, which I appreciated, and the crunchy sugary coating had a very caramel flavour.

Take Note:

  • The chef like to change the menu to reflect the best of the season
  • Lots of playful and inventive plating ideas
  • Great options for vegetarians, gluten-free guests too 

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