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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lunch at Rogue

Over the Victoria Day long weekend, in addition to the wonderful meal on Sunday at The Roof at Black and Blue, I also had a chance to visit Rogue on Broadway. Prior to this, I had only been to the Rogue in Gastown.   IMG_3305 One of my favourite items there was their Mini Corn Dogs, and fortunately for me, they had them here too! Here is half a dozen of the little guys, deep fried to a golden brown, soft and moist on the inside. Say what you will, but eating a corn dog on a stick really brings the kid out in all of us, even my mom!  IMG_3310 Speaking of my mom, she was feeling particularly ambitious today, and decided to go for their Half Turkey Sandwich and Soup Combo. This was a great deal, since it also came with a side House or Caesar Salad, all for just $12.99. You can choose from either a Tom Kah Thai-style soup or a Seafood Chowder. My mom went for the chowder and the Caesar Salad, and was impressed with both. 

The dressing for the salad wasn't too heavy and the croutons had a nice crunch to them, and the generous sprinkling of parmesan didn't hurt. But as I had predicted, she didn't even touch the sandwich. And that was probably the best part, piled high with turkey, this version of BLT featured a nicely toasted bun and lots of turkey. Perfect for a second meal. IMG_3311 We also tried the Chorizo Hash, with was large skillet of Spicy Chorizo sausage, tossed with bell peppers atop of some potatoes. And to top it all off, there were two poached eggs and healthy dollop of hollandaise sauce. The fresh tomatoes were appreciated, but seemed a little out of place. IMG_3313 In an effort to eat a bit healthier, we opted to share two of the lighter entrees, the first being their Salmon Cobb Salad. This was really good, with a rather large sized piece of grilled salmon. The salad had a healthy serving of avocado (which I promptly pawned off to my mom) as well as some roma tomatoes. The greens were topped with just a touch of goat's cheese. The soft-boiled egg helped to give the salad a nice creamy texture too. For those of you who enjoy your salad dressed, this might seem a bit bare, but as you can see, there is plenty of dressing on the side. IMG_3314 Without intending to do so, we found ourselves ordering another non-meat dish, the Baja Fish Tacos! You can have your choice of two or three, but since we were eating family style, we decided more was better. The basa was lightly floured (not a full-on batter) with some Cajun spices, and then served in a flour tortilla with colesalw, some salsa and a bit of avocado cream. Fortunately, the cream was really mild and you could barely taste the avocado. These felt really healthy and were quite filling too. IMG_3309 And last but not least were their Fish and Chips. Yes, somehow, we managed to order less meat than usual without really missing it! This was one of the pricier item on the menu, at $19.99 for two pieces. But then again, they were Beer-Battered Halibut, and not some generic white fish. I actually really liked the batter, even though I took off half of it, as is my usual habit. 
The tartar sauce had a nice tang but not enough crunch, coming off more like a salad dressing than a dip, but what I really liked was the coleslaw, fresh and crunchy, this lightened up the dish for me and I really wished there was more. The fries were okay, but I think more care was paid to the Yam Fries we had with the Fish Tacos.

Take note:

  • Good variety of choices, something for everyone
  • Parking in the area can be hard to find
  • Portions are larger than you'd expect

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