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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

$18 VANEATSca Deal at Thai House

The awesome guys at VANEATSca have done it again. This time, they have paired up with Thai House Kitsilano to deliver an amazing 5-course dining pass for $18. This deal is a limited offer and you can only purchase it via There is also a few chances to win this great package from their site too.
lychee coconut drink with yellow tail We kicked off the meal with some beverages, namely, a lychee coconut cocktail and a glass of Yellow Tail for me. 
Wings and Lettuce Wrap 3 The first two courses arrive together. On the left, you have the Chicken Wing appetizer and on the left is the Lettuce Wrap. The filling was piping hot, and the lettuce was large enough to envelope the whole thing without spilling over. The beef can be substituted with tofu if you want. As is, the beef is mixed with onions, peppers, basil and some kick ass chilli sauce. This is listed as spicy on the menu and it did have a great heat to it. A highlight of the meal.
Boneless Stuffed Chicken Wing 2 Here is a close up of the wing cross-section. See how it's packed with veggies and glass noodles? And the dipping sauce accompanying this is a little tangy, great flavour combination.
Stir Fried Rice Noodles 2 There are a few VANEATSca exclusive menu items, and the first one is the Stir Fried Rice Noodles. This is a mixture of beef, basil, veggies in a mild fish sauce based seasoning with fresh rice noodles. The taste on this was a bit mild, but probably because it came on the heels of the spicier Lettuce Wraps. It's a nice change from the usual Pad Thai, and is a good change of pace.
Mango Chicken 4 Another VANEATSca exclusive is the Coconut Curry with Mango and Chicken. It's your average yellow curry but elevated with a seasonal element, such as the fresh mango slices you see here. Also milder in taste, this is a good starter curry for those who've been hesitant to give it a try.
Thai Beef Salad 3 As with other VANEATSca packages, I always want to try more of the restaurant's menu and this was no exception. We decided to try the Thai Beef Salad or Yum Neua as it is listed on the menu. It's a Sliced Grilled New York Beef mixed with Thai chili and lime sauce. It's not your traditional salad since it is served warm, but the freshness of the ingredients is definitely similar to a salad. And this was spicy, spicier that the Lettuce Wraps and worthy of the four chillies next to it on the menu. If you like your food with more of a zing, try this.
Thai Omlette Another item that looked intriguing was the Thai Style Omelette. The description of this sounded so good that we had to try it. The filling consisted of minced pork, shrimps, onions, green onions with a spicy sauce. That's some omelette!
Thai Omlette 4 And as you can see after we sliced it open, it was jammed packed with filling. We couldn't finish everything and I have to say, this was as delicious the next day for lunch.
Deep Fried Banana & Ice Cream 2 The dessert included in this five-course dinner is the Deep Fried Banana and Mango Ice Cream. Crunchy on the outside with a creamy warm center. Add another dimension with the mango ice cream and it's a trio of interesting textures and tastes. A really good way to end the meal. So if you have been meaning to try Thai House and haven't had a chance to, this deal for $18 is a great introduction. To learn more, take a look at the VANEATSca website. Or click below and check out their video now. 
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