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Monday, November 14, 2011

Cheesy Goodness at American Cheesesteak

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The American Cheesesteak Company held a media event this past Tuesday and I was one of the first ones to arrive. Knowing how great their sandwiches are, this was an easy invite to accept. 
I was early, arriving at 4pm, and the place was fairly calm. They asked me what I wanted to try, actually, Anthony Sedlak asked me what I wanted to try. He loves the whole menu but told me to pick two that really appealed to me. Once my mind was made up, meat got thrown onto the grill and we were rocking away! The sandwiches are all made to order, so onto the grill went the thinly shaved meat. In less than a minute, the meat was cooked and passed onto the "dressing station".
What you see here is The New Yorker, one of the "traditional" items on the menu. While many of the Specialty sandwiches are served with sauteed veggies (onions, mushrooms & peppers), this is one of the few that come with fresh veggies, so I had to try it. It's made with their shaved prime centre cut prime rib, loaded up with some sauteed mushrooms & peppers, but add some fresh shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes. The gooey sauce you see there? House made roasted garlic mayo. 
This was a big sandwich, and super messy. I think sauce was dripping down my arm at one point, but oh, was it ever tasty! The fresh lettuce, the melted cheese whiz (yes, I went for the whiz), and the freshly cooked prime rib came together like magic.
The other one that I was really interested in trying was Le's one of the Specialty sandwiches, and they had me at Double Cream Brie. Again topped with fresh arugula, this was made with caramelized onion compote and a smidgeon of dijon. The cheese melted so well, it honestly became part of the sauce. The arugula helps a bit to cut the richness, but in a duel between arugula and brie, the victor will be brie! 
Another of the Specialty sandwiches was The Cowboy and this was made with the usual shaved prime rib, this baby was topped with bacon mayo, fried onion strings, cheddar cheese and a sweet & spicy bbq sauce. Yeah, this was like a BBQ on a bun.
The other sandwich I sampled was their Chicken Milanese...for you non-red-meat-lovers, this is a great option. The chicken breast is breaded and thinly sliced, and then topped with the tasty trio of grilled mushrooms, onions and peppers. For this sandwich, they chose the fontina cheese, which was rather mild but allowed the flavours of the tomato sauce to come through.
Oh, and you can't have a sandwich without fries...can you? I tried the ACC Fries, which are tossed with garlic and topped with shredded parmesan and some parsley. I decided to forgo the usual ketchup here, and instead opted for the Truffle Aioli can see the specks of truffle in there. That was heavenly. 
While I was chatting with Anthony, Omni TV showed up and he made a sandwich for them on the spot. Talking as he was cooking, it's easy to see his passion for serving up fresh food and ingredients at affordable prices. Check this place out next time you're hungry...and oh yes, they're licensed! 

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