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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dim Sum at Peaceful Cafe - and someone stole my food!

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After a great dinner with @vanessa_chu and @onehundredfeet @BonetaVan, they recommended we give Peaceful Restaurant a try for Shanghainese dim sum. So the very next day, that's exactly what we did! 
The picture above is the first time I've used instagram on my iPad to take a picture, so apologies for the less than stellar photo. The Beef Pancake Wrap was really good, light flakey rolls of green onion pastry rolled with some more green onions and very tender and thinly sliced beef. Enough hoi sin sauce to keep it all together, so salty, sweet, flakey and chewy.
Beef Roll
Yes, definitely a successful execution here. I think we got a total of 6 pieces here...or was it 4? Either way, it was fair for the price $6.95.
No visit to a Shanghainese place is complete without the Xiao Long Baos (XLBs), little bundles of pork soup dumplings steamed to doneness with the soup bursting as you bit into it. These ones were good, not the best I've ever had, but definitely good and soupy. I found the skin a little too thick, but the balance of soup to meat within the dumpling itself was good. This was a good deal too, at 8 for $6.95. 
Sorry for the aerial view of this Lettuce Wrap, but I was testing out the iPad's camera and this was the best I could do. This was by far the most expensive item from our lunch at $13.95, and it was also the most disappointing. It was loaded with chopped veggie fillers such as celery, and even when we did find pieces of chicken and ate it on its own, there was no way we could tell it was chicken. I would easily order another XLB instead of this next time. 
We also ordered a Shanghai Pork Chop Soup Noodle, a great value for $7.95. Only thing was, we had to wait 30 mins for it. No, it wasn't that the kitchen was slow, it was due to a server error and they brought it to the wrong table, in fact, the table next to us. And they just started eating it...and then we heard the waitress come and tell them that they didn't even order that dish!? Who does that...when I get food served to me that I didn't order, I refuse it, I don't just start digging in! Who knows if there was something in there I might be allergic to!? The dad at the table even said...Thanks for getting us to try something new. I was so livid...GRR!

They make their noodles in house and the guy who does it is quite the ham...posting for shots midway too! They can make long thin noodles similar to spaghetti, but we got the "knife cut" ones, which means they slice it through into shavings of noodles, each one different from the other, with a richer mouth feel that your average noodle. 

I would definitely come back here to sample other dim sum and noodle dishes, but will keep a close eye on where my food is being brought. Oh, and I'd probably skip the lettuce wrap.

Interestingly enough, they had signs posted the day that we went, saying they would be closed the following Tuesday and Wednesday, because Diners, DriveIns and Dives with Guy Fieri would be visiting them. How cool is that! Will need to go again before the episode airs, because then, the lineups will be interminable.

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