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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Food Truck - Fresh Local Wild

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Last month, during a week of Food Trucking, I managed to try Fresh Local Wild's new location and truck! I first walked by the truck and recognized it a few months ago, but it's got some add-ons now! Something about it being carbon neutral because it runs on used frying oil? And Chef Wolfe added a little patio on the side, so you can dine somewhere instead of the stairs of the building nearby...but yeah, um...but how does the food taste? 
We tried two items, with a side of fries...the first one you see above is the Chicken Club, the guy from Sausage a Trois recommended it to me, and hey, from one food truck to another, it's high praise indeed. (Yes, same owner, but I liked the fact he didn't just say "everything is good there". Lightly toasted and stuffed full of marinated chicken, hand cut bacon and fresh lettuce and tomatoes, this was an excellent sandwich. Getting it whole and uncut is the best way to do it, it gives you more leverage to hold everything in, and believe me, the way they pile the toppings on for this sucker, you need it! I was really hungry  that afternoon, and managed  to eat half of the sammy before passing it over to try the Tuna Melt...
I am a sucker for Tuna Melt. It's one of the few indulgences I allow myself for breakfast on weekends. However, my version with canned tuna and a slice of cheddar pales in comparison. There is just so much albacore on here, it's insane. Chunks of tuna and loads of smoked cheddar. I honestly could not say which one I liked more. I know we finished both sandwiches but we did sacrifice some of the bread in favour of the fries.
Boy, I look like I ate both, don't it...I swear, I didn't, I had help. :) And I just had to post this shot...we got a seat on the cherished patio! Thanks @ChefWolfe! You can also follow them @FreshLocalWild. The next time I go (and soon since it's 5 mins away from my office) I am going to try their Fish and Chips, and the Poutine if they have it. Can you share your favourite Fish & Chips (salmon, coho, halibut or cod) and if you've had poutine there, what's a great one to try?

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