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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Ocean Wise Faves!

Looking to eat more "ethically"?
I'm a huge fan of the Ocean Wise program and fully support restaurants that are part of this initiative to teach us more about using sustainable seafood. Learn more here.
One of my favourites is Glowbal Group's Coast. It's close to my work and has amazing lunch specials. All items in their Wrap Box are Ocean  Wise...the Manhattan Chowder, the Tuna Sashimi salad, and the yummy Shrimp Wrap. Below is a shot of the Tuna Sashimi.
Another big supporter of Ocean Wise is Hapa Izakaya. Lots of variety in the menu at all three locations, with Fresh Sheet changing frequently. They also won the Chowder Chowdown recently. Below is the Aburi Saba - done tableside.
Oh, and one more...100 Days, Vancouver's pop-up restaurant. Their Lobster and Crab bites as well as the Lobster Mac and Cheese are amazing...I have yet to try the shrimp cocktail, but would like to soon! I had the Seafood Paella recently and it was amazing too! Oh, and if you're in the neighbourhood early, they serve brunch too. Here's their Lobster and Crab Cake Benny!

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