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Friday, June 18, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie Facial?

Acme Cafe on Urbanspoon
Last Friday, there was a very interesting tweet from @acmecafe. They were offering 20% off to anyone following them on Twitter. I’ve been hearing tons of rave reviews for this place so this was just too good of a deal to pass up! Very clean decor, nice recessed lights and bright white walls.
We had a vague idea as to where it was, and it only took one circle around the block to nail it. We didn’t relish the thought of an evening stroll around streets of East Hastings. Having said that, it’s easy to find and well worth the search.
Loads of comfy dishes on the menu…SO hard to settle on just one or two! I have been craving puff pastry for weeks, and their Baked Chicken Pot Pie seemed to be the perfect antidote. Since that takes 15 minutes of prep time (they bake to order!), we ordered that right away. Also loved the huge array of sandwiches, and settled on the Meatloaf sandwich. Not being a huge fan of hoagie buns, I requested Ciabatta, panini grilled. So yummy.
As we waited for our Chicken Pot Pie, you could smell it baking in the oven! Made waiting even harder! The good part, we had some vino to keep us quiet. The cheapest wine on the menu is the Finca los Primos, an Argentinean Malbec, $20/bottle ($4.75/glass), and the priciest? $35/bottle of either the Blasted Church’s Hatfield’s Fuse, the Babich Sauvignon Blanc or the Mission Hill Pino Noir. Oh, they also have Red Truck beer for $5/pint.
The Pie arrived…puffy and hot! Slicing into the crust to release the fragrant steam…I felt like I was getting a facial…a chicken pie steam, if chicken soup is good for a cold, then a chicken facial must be good, for something! The filling was awesome…not too starchy, and wet enough to dunk the crust in to soak up the sauce. The greens were fresh, and a good compliment to the main course…and I love endive.
The sandwich arrived with perfectly grilled ciabatta, stuffed with meat loaf, with some Dijon, bbq sauce and mayo, and then layers of Swiss cheese. The veggie contribution came in the form of some caramelized onions and arugula. You could get this with your choice of soup or chips. I wasn’t in the mood for soup, so we got the chips with the broccoli almond slaw, both for very crunchy, actually, so was the pickle!
We were pretty satisfied with the meal, and at 20% off, we felt like we got an awesome deal. Just as we were leaving, some baked goodness caught my eye…homemade oreos! Since we were all set to get into the car, we quickly paid for them and brought them home to enjoy.
A few things to note: they bake pies...I totally missed that! They open until 9 everyday, including weekends. They have online ordering!

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