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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Earls, the same, but different

As many of you already know, I love Earls and have written about them for brunch, meet and greet with the Seahawks and their yummy smores. But I decided to try yet another location...over the Lions Gate Bridge.
They have a gorgeous heated and covered patio, so this was where we decided to park ourselves. It's still Earl's, but it's different! Started off with a bottle of wine, I loved the bottle.
One of the things I always order at Earls is their Sicilian pizza, loaded with Italian meats such as Genoa salami, spicy capicollo, and bacon! To make it cheesy, they use a blend of cheddar (for flavour) and montery jack (for ooeyness). Sprinkle some fresh sliced basil and colour me happy! For non-meat-lovers, give their Californian a try. It's loaded with baby shrimp and topped with pesto and sundried tomatoes. Not loaded with tomato sauce, it actually is brushed with garlic butter and a sprinkling of feta cheese to finish it off.
Another standby is their wings...I love the crispiness of the skin and am horrified at the thought of it going all soggy because it was tossed in hot sauce. To avoid this, I've started ordering these wings dry with a serving of sauce on the side. This time, I asked for their Thai-style sauce, which is thick and tangy sweet. And yes, I do actually eat the celery with the blue cheese dip. But sometimes, I pour the Thai sauce all over it instead of the cheese dip...
And so, as the night goes on and the bottle of wine is drained, dessert is needed. My favourite other than the Smores? A Grey Goose martini was ordered...olives make a perfect dessert, don't you think? Earl's (West Vancouver) on Urbanspoon

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