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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Lunch at Italian Kitchen with the family...

A few months ago, when my sister was still in town, my mom made an almost unheard of trip downtown to have lunch with me while I was at work. Given she only travels by Skytrain (to downtown), we decided somewhere near my work would be perfect, and my niece and nephew love pasta, so we settled on Italian Kitchen, a short walking distance from Burrard Station.
Since we already knew we were going to have pasta, and there were five of us, three adults and two kiddies, we ordered their Pasta Platter...for 2 people, $16/person, minimum of 2 orders. On the platter, from left to right, are: braised veal cannelloni with wild mushroom cream, pappardelle with lamb sausage, cabbage and potatoes, spaghetti and spicy kobe meatballs with truffle cream, and the rigatoni pomodoro. My absolute favourite was the pappardelle because the lamb sausage was so good. My niece liked the rigatoni, gigantic macaroni, as she referred to them. My nephew liked the spaghetti because of the meatballs, and my mom loved the cannelloni. My sister liked everything, but she was waiting for her other order...   
The Tartufo Funghi...$17, their most expensive pie, but well worth it for the portobello mushroom and truffle cheese. Everyone liked the thin crust, and the aroma of truffles was unmistakeable. Even the kids loved this one!
Our next dish was ordered by my mom, who loves her ahi tuna. This Seared Ahi Tuna for $16 was the perfect dish for her. It's light, with a bunch of greens and baby tomatoes, all paired with oranges, artichokes, fennel, in a cerignola olive vinaigrette. The thick slices of tuna was perfectly well done.
Alas, there was too much food for the five of us...we ended up packing a slice of the pie as well as some of the tuna. Guess what my stepdad had for dinner that night?
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