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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Monday Blues on a Tuesday

Back to work and back to the grind. Left home a little early today due to the horror of kids going back to school. Not much to tie up in terms of loose ends at work from last week, but all new projects starting this week...onwards and upwards!
Didn't have time for lunch today, but realized that I had a wealth of leftovers. As I left the office, I bumped into two different friends that I didn't expect to see...both brought smiles to my face. On my drive home, I received a windshield freebie from a good Samaritan that felt so sorry for the crap on my windshield...all warm and fuzzy now.
Enjoying the peace and comfort of a life without drama. Had a great talk with my mommy, who managed to knock some sense to me, after a 70 minute conversation.
Going to finally tackle some of those leftovers...thinking a prawn from Blue Water (along with their yummy cocktail sauce) and a fried steamed bun (it's a chinese thing...we double process), a sticky rice roll, and some chicken steeped in wine from Shanghai Wonderful. Trying out the steamer/rice cooker now...wish me luck!

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