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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Roof is Open!

On Wednesday, the doors of The Roof (at Glowbal Group's Black and Blue) were flung open and Vancouver got a glimpse into a new patio to party on!
Lights The Roof 
When you do go, be sure to ask them about the Josper Charcoal Broiler Oven by Wood Stone! It is amazing and they are so proud of its awesomeness, it's actually quite endearing. But what I actually admired was the lighting fixtures, yes, I'm a geek.  
Potato Blini The Roof
The first bite I had that night was the Ahi Tuna Blini, soft potato pancakes topped with creme fraiche and some tuna. These were a perfect little bite! Oh, and total props to Michael Moore and that ring!  
The Roof Bacon Wrapped Scallop
Next up? Bacon Wrapped Scallops! Perfectly grilled on the outside and super succulent on the inside.  
Meats The Roof Oh, but the star of the show was the Prince Edward Island Blue Ribbon steak was also a is a cut fresh from the grill! Black+Blue Rooftop Patio Opening 
Thanks to Kevin for this picture of Michael Moore and I!
Meat! The Roof
But the star of the evening is this! A whole Leg of Beef, grilled, bone-in! Served thinly sliced with mini Yorkshire Puddings, these soft fluffy puddings were a perfect holder for the beef. Add a bit of spicy horseradish and you've got a winner!  
Meat! The Roof
See how well seasoned this leg is? You can see the herbs, the garlic and peppers! The flavours of this meat is so complex and the beef itself is so tender. This is a must-try!   
The Glowbal Collection | Black + Blue Rooftop Party 
Here is a fun pic of me hanging out with Mr. Eligible himself, Rick Chung! Dessert The Roof And to finish things off! A plethora of desserts! There were Pavlovas, Mini Creme Brulees, a Lemon Bar as well as Apple Tarts! Something for everyone! The space is amazing and it's high time Vancouver got a new patio to rave about! This is going to be t he place to be seen this summer!
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