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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tweetup at Joe Fortes

Yesterday, Joe Fortes hosted a tweetup of eipc proportions with the hashtag #JRtweetup. The event had so much buzz, even trended on Twitter! I have been a huge fan and just recently did a post on their Happy Hour. tower The first look of the food was the amazing seafood tower, loaded with oysters, clams, mussels, prawns and crab legs. There was also a scallop ceviche. It sure was hard to decide where to start. the spread In addition to the tower, hot appies were also passed around. Many of the items are from their Bar Menu, which are half priced during Happy Hours, daily 4-6pm. There are sliders, beef wrapped asparagus (not part of the appy menu) and some delicious chicken satay skewers. beef wrapped asparagus These were really good and a great idea for finger foods, but I found that you either had to bite through really hard in the middle or unwrap the beef from the asparagus first. first plate My first plate consisted of the prawn tempura, an oyster, a lovely crab bake lollipop, and the asparagus. My favourite was definitely piping hot prawn. Not too much batter with a really good crunch. frenchie and me And I couldn't resiste taking a picture with the face of Joe Fortes to many, Frenchie. sablefish This is not part of the appy menu but it's delicious. This sablefish is amazing and sits on a small bed of coleslaw. I could have had three of these, easy.
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