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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Got my keys! June 7-13

13- Shopping the day away at Ikea - I love furniture! Even laundry baskets can be fun, as can welcome mats, bath mats!

12 - offsite for some InDesign training. Had White Spot for lunch - been so long since I've tried their food. Still the same - bland and exactly what you'd expect. One comforting thing about WS - no surprises.

11 - met with realtor and Got my keys! Grabbed some duck, some goose, not the edible kind, (the GREY kind) and vino, and settled into my new place. Sleeping on an air mattress isn't that bed, when the mattress is placed in YOUR OWN condo!

10 - visited the notary, get all the paperwork signed, in duplicates and triplicates...autographing all afternoon! It's amazing how much can get done nowadays, over the phone, email and fax. This is the first time she's met me, and she's done all this work on my behalf, hoping that I am who I say I am. I guess she had to meet me in order for me to pay her!

9 - steak and lobster dinner - fine dining at home.

8 - MAENAM, it's the new was good, spicy, but no freebies. Had leftovers and forgot them.

7 - pretty chill...

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