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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthday Lunch at Bacchus

Wow, this post is almost a year late! This is a post of my Christmas/Birthday lunch from last year. It's always hard for me to decide where to go, since not many places are open. One category that never fails us is hotel restaurants. So for lunch, we headed to Bacchus at the Wedgewood Hotel.
Upon being seated at the busy restaurant, we were served a selection of breads with a baguette, crisps, loafs and a biscuit too. Though not amazing, I did appreciate the variety, and this was just for two people. 
The Garganelli is a great lunch idea, and it's loaded with chorizo, Kalamata olives, in a roast tomato sauce. There is a bit of fresh basil, too, but it's hidden underneath the slices of parmesan. Although I do appreciate the large slices of parm, I think it would be so much better if the cheese was in smaller pieces, so as to assist it in melting onto the pasta. 
Another classic? Steak Frites of course! It's a grilled 5oz “AAA” filet mignon, with some ”Bacchus” pomme frites, and a side of béarnaise sauce. The frites are too thick for my liking, but they did have a nice crunch. The steak was very tender and it seemed larger than 5oz. Perhaps because it was thinner than usual, but definitely juicy. The taste was simple, just a bit of salt and pepper, but when you have a good cut of meat, that's all you really need.
To finish off the brunch, they gave us some complimentary Butter Tarts & Biscotti. The biscotti was buttery and crunch, while the butter tarts were moist and spicy, with lots of raisins as the top of the filling. We enjoyed both of the desserts, they were a fitting end to a great meal.

Take Note:

  • Christmas lunch and dinner are pricier than their average meals but not necessarily better
  • Service can be a bit rushed
  • Very dark atmosphere, a bit more lighting would have been appreciated

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